About Right Dao Search

Do you use a search engine that tracks your searches, collects your data, profiles your online activity, and makes a profit off your personal information? Do you use a search engine that censors and suppresses publicly available information in order to present a distorted, one-sided version of reality?

The answer to both of these questions is probably "Yes" because the few Big Tech companies have monopolized the search engine industry. They flagrantly violate your right to privacy with their data collection activities, and they control what you see with their agenda-driven algorithms.

At Right Dao, our response to this situation is to build an independent search engine from the ground up. This is neither cheap nor easy, but the Orwellian alternative has no place in a free society. That is why we don't spy on you, we don't collect data about you, we don't sell your personal information, and we don't censor your search results. We respect your privacy, and we respect your intelligence.

We invite you to give us a try, bookmark our site, share us with family and friends, and check back often as we add features and improve our services.

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